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Updated: Mar 27

As we ponder the transition from 2023 to the current moment in 2024, it's impossible to overlook the profound changes that have unfolded within our centre and its community of friends and learners. This period has been marked by the birth of new initiatives, moments of celebration, and, unfortunately, the sad bidding farewell to our esteemed co-founder, Billy Hardy.

His dedication and investment in the centre, as well as the broader systemic community, have left an indelible mark. We encourage you to read the heartfelt tribute penned by both Leah Salter and Kieran Vivian-Byrne, both good friends, to gain insight into the profound influence Billy had on our shared journey. - You can read that on our home page.

Also, please read Billy's poem In The Clearing which is also featured on the Murmurations Journal.

Amidst the ebb and flow of life, we find solace in celebrating noteworthy milestones. One such occasion was the inaugural Centre For Systemic Studies Conference, held on the enchanting grounds of Bryngarw Country Park on 14th April 2023. We extended an open invitation to all who harboured an interest in and commitment to the evolving discourse surrounding systemic theory, and the response was overwhelming. The event served as a platform for unrestricted conversations, enlightening presentations, leisurely walks, and engaging dialogues in the embrace of nature.

The atmosphere resonated with creativity and genuine enjoyment.

The momentum of our conversations continues to grow, with a community emerging that embraces novel ideas and approaches in a manner reminiscent of rhizome-like interconnectedness, ever-evolving rather than rigidly rooted.

In this spirit, we are thrilled to announce the imminent launch of our "Growing Conversations" podcast series in collaboration with Stay tuned for enlightening discussions that promise to enrich your perspectives.

Furthermore, we recently witnessed the culmination of a year-long foundation in Systemic Practice course, celebrating the graduation of a cohort of dedicated students. Their reflections on the transformative journey speak volumes about the impact of our shared endeavours.

As we look ahead to the limitless possibilities of the future, our hearts are heavy with the absence of Billy. To honour his memory, we invite you to carve out a moment of reflection time. Find a quiet space, don your headphones, brew a comforting cuppa, and immerse yourself in the profound conversation between old friends Billy and Keiran. You might also want to read this powerful poem written by Kieran.

About the Podcast Series... Billy and Kieran were colleagues for 25 years and in that time they became friends - like brothers. They worked at The Family Institute – they taught and did therapy together, they travelled and presented workshops and wrote together. They had much in common and agreed about lots of things – but there were many differences too.

This is a three-part podcast of conversations that happened at home, following Billy’s diagnosis with cancer. The knowledge that this was a terminal illness prompted them to have a conversation about life and living, death and dying and specifically offered Billy the opportunity to talk about his life and work, in a fuller lifetime arc.

Billy died on January 30th 2024 having lived fully in the months leading up to his death. He left those who knew him, wanting more.

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