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Here you will find details of all our projects, partnerships and collaborations. If you are interested in creating a project with us, please get in touch via our ‘Contact’ page.

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The CSS have launched a podcast project in partnership with with the idea of providing a fertile 'space' for systemic conversations to grow organically, much like rhizomic root systems. This is somewhat of an experiment over the next six months, and it's your opportunity to participate in discovering how we can co-create new ways of learning together.

We are currently in the incubation stage of the project, so before anything goes public and the shoots of our conversation break through the surface and become publicly available online, we invite you to join us 'underground'.

If you're interested, please  click the Get Involved button below.



(Systemic Hope in Engaging Learning Disability Systems)
SHIELDS emerged as a Community of Practice in 2016 out of professional development workshops facilitated by The Family Institute – conversations held by practitioners who had come together to share their joys, challenges, frustrations and hopes in working within Learning Disability Systems. While most of those professionals are based in South Wales, the community has no geographical boundary and welcomes people from further afield.



This highly successful student journal ran for many years under the stewardship of Kieran Vivian Byrne and Billy Hardy. We want to reignite and refresh this important contribution to the field and to student learning.



In collaboration with our creative colleagues, here is a selection of works published by Artists with links to the Centre for Systemic Studies. This is an evolving project where we invite artists to reside in our virtual space to share their work and connect with the wider systemic community.

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