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Exceptional Progress

Kieran has been writing poetry all of his life. His poems are lyrical opportunities to create greater and more useful meanings in the everyday. They are often explorations of edges between our inner experiences, of the ethical pushes and pulls of wider swells of opinion and discourses, in the wider world.

He has taken opportunities to read his poetry at conferences and has published several poems in CONTEXT. He has agreed to be the first poet-in-residence at the Centre for Systemic Studies.

He sees this as an opportunity to reflect the life of the Centre and its work through poetry.

This will celebrate, confess and always critique our positions as therapists, teachers and
ecologists in the world.

Kieran is also an artist, musician and songwriter and goes under the artistic name of NOMADMAN. He made time since the parting of ways with the University, to rekindle his musical fire and produced an EP Holy Days (2020) and an album Big Bright Blue (2021). His music is available at

Attention please – those of you poets, scribblers of prose and stories, in the attics, gardens, backyards, clinics, and anywhere else you write, yes you please submit poetry and other writings to this site for possible inclusion. Send Kieran what you’ve got.

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